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Open from tuesday to sunday from 1:30

Famille les yeux bandés à Active tes sens

Activate your Senses: the Darkness Trail

Near the Jardins de Brocéliande playground, the sensory trail ‘Activate your Senses’ offers a blindfold journey… With a mask over your eyes, guided by a handrail, your environment seems so different! As you make your way along the trail, let your hearing guide you, have fun relying on your sense of touch and work on your sense of balance!

picto poule gambader

Because of the public health measures still in place, we cannot offer our usual light-blocking goggles for the trail. Don’t forget to bring your own dark scarf or eyemask. We hope to be able to offer our self-service goggles again soon!

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Open all the time the gardens are open

Ages 5 and above

30 minutes

Voir les conditions d'accès

Close your eyes and follow the “Activate your Senses” trail!

Parcours Active tes sens, Jardins de Brocéliande

Keep your ears wide open

Have you ever tried to find your way in the dark? It’s quite an adventure! This 200 metre open air trail offers you a sensational experience: plunged into darkness, your hearing will be your best ally! Listen to the birdsong, allow the sounds and voices around you to guide your steps, trust your instinct…

Hands outstretched

And don’t forget your sense of touch! Step by step, your hands will brush unexpected, surprising materials and objects, something tickles your face, is it paper or rubber? “Activate your Senses” shows you that all of your 5 senses are different and all of them are important!

Feet on the ground

Without our sense of sight, perception of place is completely different, the body is thrown off balance. You almost have to relearn movement and balance. Whole families or groups of friends laugh out loud as they stumble and sway. It’s as funny to do as it is to watch!

The Activate your Senses blindfold trail is really quite easy you ‘see’!

activate your senses
activate your senses
activate your senses
activate your senses
activate your senses
activate your senses

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