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Open every day from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Gardens and Botanical Collections

The Jardins de Brocéliande have been officially listed as a ‘Remarkable Garden’ since 2005, in part because of our botanical collections, extraordinary both in number and in variety. Just steps away from our CCVS-certified* collection of lilacs, the most beautiful irises in the world neighbour the oldest. And equally majestic, in the arboretum, oaks, maples, ginkos and more stand proudly along the pathways, guiding you as you stroll through the gardens, revealing French formal gardens, English landscape gardens, herbal and medicinal plants and so much more. And when autumn comes along, it is the turn of the orchards to impress as they give up thier fruit to all those happy to pick it!

* CCVS = French national Conservatory of Specialised Plant Collections